Atmosphere monitoring and control is essential in many industrial processing applications such as food processing,  metal heat treatments, glazing and glassmaking, sintering and annealing of ceramics.  EMC hydrogen and oxygen sensors are idea for these applications:
  Ceramic processing
Ceramics are often sintered or annealed in controlled atmospheres to control grain growth, control stoichiometry, prevent oxidation, or to activate sintering. 

Annealing of the superconducting ceramic BiSCCO (2212) in controlled oxygen atmosphere to control stoichiometry


Oxygen atmosphere control during glassmaking
The redox state of a glass melt plays a governing role in determining optical properties. The partial pressure of oxygen inside the melting furnace must therefore be carefully controlled. PYROX O probes are ideally suited to this application.


Gas blending
EMC sensors can be used to prepare accurate gas mixtures (e.g. oxygen or hydrogen diluted in an inert carrier gas), offering considerable cost savings when compared to  pre-mixed cylinders.


Gas purity measurement
Gases such as nitrogen, argon or helium often contain oxygen as an impurity.  An oxygen sensor may be used to verify gas quality or monitor a gas cleaning process.

Laboratory scale experiments





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