Every foundryman knows that dissolved hydrogen is one of the most important variables in aluminium processing, but is traditionally the most difficult to control. Too much, and it will come out of solution during cooling causing hydrogen microporosity. Too little, and there is the danger of macroscopic shrinkage defects. ALSPEK H uses state of the art solid electrolyte and solid reference technology, offering rapid, accurate, real time hydrogen analysis to the foundry and casthouse markets. ALSPEK H is suitable for routing shop floor analysis, continuous immersion, Low Pressure Die Casting, and closed loop control of hydrogen when used in conjunction with a Foundry Degassing Unit.

Benefits of ALSPEK H:

Reduction / elimination of scrap due to gas porosity or shrinkage
Better traceability – sophisticated data management / batch
Improved product quality

ALSPEK H with FDU control:

Saves gas - Excessive degassing, in order to compensate for
  factors such as ambient humidity, is avoided
Saves time - Reduction in FDU treatment times results in higher
  output and efficiency




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